We are able to offer a range of power enhancements for your TVR, from a simple cam change to a complete new high capacity engine. We have increased the performance on many TVRs so whether you have a Ford, Rover or AJP powered car we have experience of enhancing your performance in a variety of ways.

Sporting Options…

Our range of options includes performance cylinder heads and cam kits, performance induction packages from ACT along with our range of K&N air filters and our performance cats, a full de-catting service along with the latest technology in Nitrous Oxide Injection.

Call us for a Quotation

Call us with your specific requirements for a quotation. We can build you an engine to any specification from mild road to full race and usually have available freshly rebuilt units off the shelf.

Increase Your Capacity…

For customers who wish to increase capacity of their TVR we can offer a range of brand new short motors with capacities starting at 4.6L and ranging to 5.3L. Please call us with your requirements, we would be delighted to hear from you.

RT High Performance Exhausts

Our high performance exhaust systems are jig manufactured to the highest tolerances possible to ensure a professional and straightforward installation. Manufactured from 18/8 Austenitic stainless steel, all have been made to interchange with the factory fitted manifolds, centre sections, rear & tail pipes. We can also build you any exhaust system in mild steel. The construction of these exhausts is of the highest standard possible and unlike anything manufactured elsewhere.

Tuscan Sports Silencers

The latest additions to our exhaust range are the Tuscan sports silencers and cat units. These are manufactured to the same high tolerances as the rest of our range and come with the same lifetime guarantee. For further information on what we can offer you, including our same-day fiting, please give us a call.